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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 6, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the president prepares to speak to the nation as the country mourns those killed in san bernardino. local muslim families address the concern offer a backlash from the attack. the fbi busts a possible human trafficking operation in peabody. >> we had another fantastic day temperatures in the 50s. now the in the 40s.
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social services center in san bernardino, california for the victims of last week's terrorist shootings. tonight president obama is expected to deliver a rare prime time address from the oval office about the attacks. good evening everybody. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight. the president is also expected to discuss steps he's taking to keep the nation staff. reporter: a message of peace and tolerance rearers natureed sunday. >> it's tough to do this. because i'm actually quite angry in my heart but we have to remember even the muslim people are our brothers and sisters. >> yvette velasco was a member of this tight-knit church. parishioners are still in shock the 27-year-old's life was cut so short.
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faiths gathered at a los angeles mosque for a service to show solidarity. >> that's who we are and it's a shame we have to defend ourselves. >> reporter: while the community here in san bernardino tries to heal from its loss investigators are piecing together more information about the two shooters. federal investigators are trying to figure out whether tash fine maalik rad cliffed her husband syed f. this home belongs to enrique marquez a friend of farook's. marquez is not under arrest and not considered a suspect but checked himself into a psychiatric hospital shortly after wednesday's shooting. wbz and cbs news will carry the president's overrule office address live beginning tonight at 8:00. muslim communities around the
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possible backlash because of the california shootings and other terrorist attacks. paul burton spoke to a local imam about his concerns. >> the muslim community should have some fear. reporter: the mosque for the praising of roxbury says he's deeply concerned for the safety of muslims in the community. >> i'm telling my family and telling my community muslims to take your precautions. >> what do you mean by that. >> i mean to be vigilant in realizing the climate in this country and throughout the world is going more negative for muslims. hoping this won't be any backlash against muslims living in the united states following the deadly shootings in california. one of the kills pledged herrera legion answer to isis on facebook before the attack. >> these people who claim that they are following islam are
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ever come cross in the quran to kill innocent people. reporter: police will be conducting regular patrols around all mosques. back in november a mosque in burlington was vandalized. >> i was at a mosque. they obviously are afraid but we reassure them we're going to make sure they are safe in this city. reporter: as president obama gets set to address the nation about national security boston mayor marty walls stressed the importance of if you say see something, say something. >> the message at home is going to be we have to watch out for each other and take care of each other and there are many muslim people here in the united states of america. they are not the problem. they shouldn't be discriminated against they shouldn't be picked upon. reporter: we're following a developing story in peabody. 6 people arrested on drug and human trafficking charges. five of the suspects are equipment. jim smith is working the story and joins us live from peabody. reporter: katie, this was a 3 monthlong investigation and
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anonymous tips from the public. the raid was jointly conducted by peabody investigators as well as federal agents. peabody police had help from the fbi as they went into action friday night raiding a home on dark lane. the house is on a quiet street not far from a school. but a long time neighbor says on the night of the raid it was anything but quiet. >> i see a whole bunch of cruisers up here must have been about 5 or 6 and cars. >> a lot of officers a lot of police. >> a lot of police, yeah. >> were they there a long time? >> i don't know maybe a couple of hours. reporter: police arrested 6 people most of them for allegedly being present with heroin was kept. another woman was charged with sexual conduct for a feel. the owner of the home 48-year- old don spur is charged with
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and disorderly house and trafficking persons for sexual serve tied. they are due in court on monday morning. and in a statement tonight peabody police say the home is strongly suspected as being involved heavily with heroin and cocaine. this investigation, of course, does continue on a federal level as well as local level. the police chief saying he's extremely pleased the role tips from the public played in these arrests. live at police headquarters jim smith wbz news. thank you. the holiday season is here but somebody needs to tell mother nature there. spectacular weekend like we would see in early fall. question is how long could this warm weather possibly last. here's pamela gardner with a first look. >> temperatures are just gorgeous this afternoon. we will some 50s once again for the second day in a row. we're going to go for 3 days in a row with tomorrow getting just as warm. temperatures in the mid 50s. we've clicked back into the '40s.
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very mild at this time. but hour by hour forecast temperatures will be in the 40s. clicking down to 39 degrees by 5:00 a.m. with full sunshine we warm up pretty quickly by tomorrow afternoon and on our way to 50s. there are some concerns pretty freezing fog because temperatures are right below freezing in orange and keen and dense fog already developing in the connecticut river valley. we keep some dense fog likely in those spots overnight tonight. otherwise mostly clear, 36 degrees. more warmth on the way but then a cool down when we will return to more seasonal temperatures in the 40s in that 7-day. >> thanks so much pamela. a hartford man will be in court tomorrow in a strange crime stealing skeletalal remains from a cemetery. he will face a judge that will bring him back to worcester.
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remains of 5 bodies from hope cemetery. officers believe he practices a religion called san they are ya. a fall river man is under arrest charged with beat a four-year-old child. police took 28-year-old richard pinero into custody after neighbors reported a disturbance ate home on ledgewood boulevard. the four-year-old was treated and released from the hospital. a key meeting is underway in situate tonight at a church ordered closed by the boston archdiocese. st. francisca bring any church closed 11 years ago. parishioners have been holding sense. they are discussing their next last week the supreme judicial court refused to intervene in a ruling that sides with the archdiocese and is ordering parishioners to vacate. still to come protesters taking to the streets of chicago avenuely released documents were sealed what happened in a police shooting of a black teenager. a former maestro of the boston
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honored at the kennedy center. and how dozens of santas and today from the christmas press. you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle the fate of the free world. the united states
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in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. is responsible for the content of
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. protests in chicago today after release of documents linked to the shooting of a black teenager by a police officer. documents show officers accounts of the 2014 shooting are much different than what is actually shown in dash cam video. that video was just released more than a year after the shooting an officer faces first degree murder charges this that case and the justice department says it will investigate practices in the chicago police department.
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carter says he is cancer free. carter says his latest brain scan show no signs of melanoma tumors. the 91-year-old began treatment over 3 months ago. the 39th u.s. president gave the update today at his regular sunday school lessons in plains, georgia. a big honor for a former maestro of the boston symphony orchestra he will be among the kennedy honor res. other artists are direct or george lucas the eagles songwriter carole king. actress he are you a moreno apartment sicily tyson. tonight is the billing of the jewish festival of hanukkah. >> the festival of lights lasts for 8 days.
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on each day of hanukkah. a fun day in main as 150 santas exceed and snowboarded at the sunday river ski resort. they raised $3,000 for charities. they have been open for snow making machines since october 19th. we haven't gotten any snow. >> i don't know how they are going to work it's getting too warm. >> temperatures in the' 50s but things will moderate. we'll become more normal temperatures in the 40s. overnight temperatures. >> i'm so torn by this. i want the snow. little bit. eve. december so far has been warm.
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yesterday 8 degrees above average, and we continue the warm within normal trend into tomorrow with high temperatures once again in the mid 50s. 4.7 degrees above normal so far for the entire month of december technically here in boston. high today reached 59 degrees. some locations farther inland metro west did hit the lower 60s but we were close enough to it. average highs this time of year should be 44. record high didn't get close to that record still stands in 2001 with 72 degrees. in boston we've fallen back to 49 degrees. dew point temperature indicating that dry air is in place dew point of 33 degrees. real feel temperature slightly below the actual temps 45. light breeze from the southwest kicking in creating a windchill. 45 in lawrence, down to 45 in taunton. 46 degrees chatham. to the north and west this is where temperatures are starting to already fall to at or below freezing in spots and that's where we're dealing with areas of fog already starting to develop. this morning it was a big issue
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valley where we did have dense fog and reports of freezing fog. i think the same thing is going to happen overnight tonight. we're already dealing with the dense fog in orange and temperatures are below freezing watch out for slick spots if you are heading out and about late tonight or early tone morning. light fog in the cape and overnight tonight clear and frosty for the rest of us. 36 degrees in boston with many locations in the suburbs upper 20s or low '30s. highs tomorrow rebounding considering where we'll start off in the morning. 56 boston. 55 plymouth. hour by hour forecast will show mild conditions here. we have a weak cold front moving in from the north. this is going to pass by and kind of fizzle. very, very dry. but it's going affect our temperatures as we get into tuesday as the mild conditions break and we have dominating force to the south and east. low pressure center this is an ocean storm that we'll continue
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the concern is though that it's going to be close enough to us it will spin up some moisture from the ocean giving us a chance for a couple of showers along the south coast, islands tuesday afternoon and it is will be cooler we'll have a little wind coming from the northeast too. that low pressure center heads out to sea and once we get through tuesday afternoon things are looking okay. most of the day most areas too. dry 45 degrees, and wednesday 46. so we will still be right around normal for this time of the year. thursday 47 degrees scattered rain friday 52. still looks like another warm up going into next weekend too. no complaints, but it just doesn't feel like christmas with 60 degrees on that 7-day. back to you ladies. >> it is unbelievable pamela. thank you. well, it's hard to believe winter is almost upon us and the weather department is putting together a preview of the season.
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and gary burbank will report what to expect this winter next saturday at 7:30. the patriots and wbz are helping to making the holidays joyful. they collected toys at the drive. they will deliver toys the needy kids in the coming days. if you'd like to make a donation you can bring an unwrapped toy. next in sports we're live in foxborough.
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. >> don't panic things not looking good in foxborough. but we're going to throw it to dan roach hopefully you have good news.
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this one. the patriots came in 10-1 after their first loss last week in denver. the philadelphia eagles a team they are playing here at gillette 4-7 loses 3 straight they lost the last two games by a combined score 90 to 31. at. fans. the pats jumped out to 14-02nd quarter lead courtesy of brady touchdown passes to amendola. sam bradford td mass blocked return for a touchdown. malcolm jenkins interception for a touchdown. darren sproles 83-yard return for a touchdown. thought good for the patriots in the 4th quarter. after the game don't forget switch over to my tv 38 for postgame show we'll have bill belichick tom brady the press conference live and we'll see what happens with this patriots team this they can pull off
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play the texans next sunday they were in bull look taking on the bills. fourth. when deandre hopkins goes 19 yards for the touchdown reception. texas had to go for 2. on the conversion it's jonathan grimes on the run and he ties the game up at 21. but with under 2 minutes to go tyrod taylor hits charles clay for the 40-yard touchdown pass for taylor. the bills win it 30-21. meanwhile more afc east giants. giants use two big plays to build their lead after an 80- yard punt return odell beckham, jr. goes 72 yards to the house manning. the giants led 20-10 after 3. 20-13 giants under a minute to play ryan fitzpatrick back marshall. at 20. the giants though get a chance in overtime because it was just
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josh brown who hasn't missed all year misses the 48-yarder to tight. the jets come back to win it 23- 20 to improve to 7-5. all right let's shift to baseball better news there. the winter meetings gets getting underway in nashville, tennessee. chris young wanted a closer craig kimball wanted an ace david price. $217million later i spoke with price earlier this week in an interview you can see coming up 11:35. and price says he's ready to take control of the staff. >> it's what i've been for a couple of years. i enjoy it i want the ball on dang opening day i want the stuff like that. and it's an honor. >> all right.
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canucks forward brandon plus has been find $5,000 by the nfl player save i the for spearing. he was giving a 10 minute misconduct for the spear that occurred late in the third period. maybe the spear was all vancouver had to slow down brad marshawn had 13th goal of the season. patrice bergeron hit with a beautiful feed 1-0 boston. meanwhile 2-0 bruins midway through the third period when tyler randall finds the loose puck out in front and burres it as the bruins win it 4-0 the final. they are back at the garden when they host the predators. the national women's hockey lead. pride hosting new york river earth. the pride file finally get one home. criminal san julian dempsey jumps on the rebound from the shot at the point puts boston 1- o. the pride win it 4-1. speaking of pride.
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pride and a lot of -- they trail the eagles 35-14. they stun gillette stadium. much more to come on my tv 38 after the game. i'm dan roach. indicate let's go back to you. >> stunned studio as well thank you.
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. what are we looking at for tomorrow? >> not a bad day tomorrow another day in the 50s.
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back to reality as we get into tuesday and wednesday. big concern tomorrow morning will be dense fog and freezing fog in the valley. >> all right pamela. thank you that does it for us thanks for watching.
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